The 53rd Annual Scientific Congress of the Korean Association of Orthodontists PASSION FOR A LONG JOURNEY :
Nature vs Nurture

November 5(Thu) - 6(Fri), 2020
Precongress: November 1(Sun) / VOD: November 7(Sat) - 8(Sun)

Clear Aligners - Point/Counterpoint

Extraction approach with aligner digital orthodontics. Anchorage and space closure management
Dr. Alessandro Mario Greco DDS PhD
  • Visiting Professor at University of Ferrara and University of L'Aquila
  • Member of Italian Board of Orthodontics (I.B.O.)
  • Member of European Board of Orthodontists (E.B.O.)
  • Diamond II Invisalign Provider
  • Clinical International Speaker for Invisalign from 2013
  • Past President Italian Association of Orthodontists (A.S.I.O.) Dr. A.M. Greco DDS PhD

The digitalized innovation changed in a disrupting way the traditional approach to orthodontic treatment and Invisalign therapy nowadays represents a reliable alternative option not only for esthetic reason but above all for the possibility of manage directly the digital setup and plan the biomechanical treatment from day zero. The big change is represented by the possibility to combine the orthodontic knowledge and move all the informations into the digital system respecting the biomechanics and the biology.
In recent years Invisalign proved to be a reliable alternative in quite all malocclusions, and in some malocclusions even more efficient if compared to fixed with some limited applications for extraction cases. Thanks to the implementation of Invisalign G6, a more predictable and logical approach has been introduced in order to manage both posterior anchorage and ideal roots space closure not only in case of bi-alveolar protrusion but also in case of Class II malocclusion. A differential force is applied into the force driven system and the plastic closed system is able to manage the proper paralellism between the roots mostly in all conditions; in some extremely unfavorable conditions there is still the possibility to incorporate into the aligner system some auxiliary devices to provide ideal root control.

To show the proper treatment plan to manage extraction treatment with Invisalign G6 protocol in case of bialveolar protrusion and Class II malocclusion combining Aligner Sytem with Digital Orthodontics approach.
  • How to properly plan extraction with Invisalign
  • How to manage posterior anchorage and roots space closure
  • How to predictably incorporate auxiliary devices in the aligner system