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November 5(Thu) - 6(Fri), 2020
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Report on KAO Scientific Research Project 2019

The positive effect of orthodontic treatment and smile in middle aged adults in the perception of healthiness
Dr. Chooryung J. Chung
  • Dep. Orthodontics, Gangnam Severance Hospital, College of Dentistry, Yonsei University

The needs and demands for better, healthier smile have increased "aged" orthodontic patients in the recent years. However, "age" is still believed and perceive as a hurdle for proper orthodontic care to the general public as well as within the dental community. Thus, the aim of the study is to reveal the positive effects of orthodontic treatment in perceiving "age and healthiness" and to deliver it to the general public in a simple way.

Material and methods
Perception studies were designed to monitor the individual eye gaze pattern of aged people when they were rating or comparing the "age and healthiness" of pre-orthodontic and post-orthodontic faces with neutral or smiling expressions. Treatment satisfaction questionnaires were also collected from aged patients.

Post-treatment faces with or without smile were graded to look younger and healthier compared to pre-treatment neutral faces regardless of age. When rating the healthiness and age, eye gaze was focused more to the mouth region only when smile was present. Aged people also answered that smile and dentition were key indicators influencing healthiness. Aged patients indicated higher treatment satisfaction after orthodontic treatment compared to young adults.

Ones with brighter and confident smile after orthodontic treatment are perceive younger and healthier to the general population indicating positive effects of orthodontic care in maintaining a higher quality of life.