Special Lecture

"Jaw-bone First" Class III Orthodontic Treatment with TADs
Eric Liou

Lecture Description
The aims of orthodontic treatment for Class III patients should be improvement of facial profile, jaw bone relation, and occlusion. Unfortunately, the current orthodontic techniques, either for growing or adult patients, mostly limit us in improvement of anteroposterior occlusion only. A new concept called "jaw bone first", similar to the concept of "surgery first" in surgical orthodontics, has been developing for the treatment of patients with Class III malocclusion by improving jaw bone relation and facial profile through bite raisers and intermaxillary elastics right at the beginning of orthodontic treatment. The bite raisers open the bite and rotate the mandible backward to mimic a Class I jaw bone relation so that the subsequent orthodontic treatment could be easier in establishing a Class I occlusion. TADs also could be applied for improving upper incisor show and smile arc through maxillary total arch extrusion, and/or for improving anterior cross bite through mandibular total arch distalization. The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate the rationales and appliances of this "jaw bone first" concept in treating adult or growing patients with Class III malocclusion.
Learning objective
  1. To learn an innovative thought and orthodontic technique to improve the facial profile of either growing or adult Class III patients just like surgery first approach.