Special Lecture

Skeletal Anchorage with TADs: State of Current Research
Ravindra Nanda

Lecture Description
Temporary Anchorage Devices have become part of everyday clinical practice over the last two decades. Initial case reports led to research related to screws, mode of placement, bone morphology , best sites, stability. This research has resulted in expanded use of TADs to do major orthodontic tooth movements and often to minimize or eliminate the use of orthognathic surgery. As an editor-in-chief of Progress in Orthodontics we receive approximately 75-80 submissions a year out of 750 total submissions related to TADs. This presentation will discuss what type of articles end up accepted in PIO, since it is an online journal and submission to acceptance and publication is only 55 days. This represents latest research related to Temporary Anchorage Devices.
Learning objective
  1. To learn latest research in the area of TADs
  2. To describe the importance of systematic reviews related to TADs research