Nonsurgical Treatment & Clinical Validity

Orthodontic Treatment of Skeletal Class II Open Bite: 1) Closing the Open Bite and 2) Solving the A-P Discrepancy
Tae-Woo Kim

Lecture Description
This lecture will provide the methods 1) how to close the open bite by using mini-implants and 2) how to solve the antero-posterior (A-P) discrepancy.

1) Methods of intruding posterior teeth
• One mid-palatal mini-implant + TPA
• Combinations

2) Methods of solving the A-P discrepancy
; Although all of skeletal A-P discrepancy cannot be treated orthodontics only, in some cases, A-P discrepancy can be resolved by counterclockwise rotation of mandible and distal driving of maxillary teeth with
• Anchor plate
• Mini-implant
• MEAW + Class II elastics

Cases will be presented and step-by-step procedures will be explained.
Learning objective
  1. Attendees of this lecture will be able to understand good indication and to perform treatment of skeletal Class II open bite by intruding posterior teeth.
  2. Attendees of this lecture will be able to recognize and manage the antero-posterior discrepancy after closing the open bite.