Class III Malocclusion

Exploring the Limits of TAD Assisted Orthodontics, Orthopedics and Orthognathic Surgery in Cl III Malocclusion
Krishnaswamy R. Nathamuni

Lecture Description
Correction of class III skeletal malocclusion continues to be a challenge for the clinician. The traditional approach has been to employ growth modification in the growing period, dento-alveolar camouflage in mild skeletal Class III in non-growing patients and orthognathic surgery in severe skeletal class III patients. But all the approaches have been shown to have limitations either in the outcome or in long term stability. With the advent of TADs Orthopedic forces for growth modification can be targeted on the basal bone bypassing the dentition. Orthodontic camouflage can be more effective with TADs rather than the dentition being the source of anchorage and TAD assisted Orthognathic surgery offers the opportunity to do surgery ahead of presurgical orthodontic preparation. These protocols seem to offer new hope to the clinician in conquering the challenges encountered in managing class III Malocclusion. This presentation will highlight the advantages and limitations of these newer strategies with illustrative cases.