Orthopedic Treatment

Clinical Considerations to Increase MARPE Effectiveness in Adults
Selly Sayuri Suzuki

Lecture Description
Correction of skeletal transverse maxillary deficiency in adult patients has changed over the last decade with the introduction of MARPE. Factors related to MARPE success still need more attention. This lecture will give an overview on several factors that clinicians may take into consideration when planning and conducting the therapy in order to increase MARPE success rate. Debating aspects related to age, sex, midpalatal suture density and maturation, midpalatal suture and parasutural thickness, expander screw design, activation protocols and the effect of Corticopuncture (midpalatal suture perforations) as a coadjuvant to MARPE technique, through clinical studies and findings supported by basic research in animals.
Learning objective
  1. learning how to clinically manage MARPE cases individually