Orthopedic Treatment

MAPA Approach for Absolute Bone Borne Adult Maxillary Expansion
Giuliano B. Maino

Lecture Description
The availability of increasingly advanced digital technologies and the development of new methods allow us to investigate more accurately the areas of resistance of the maxilla and to perform in a predictable and safe way the Miniscrews Assisted Palatal Application (MAPA).
This will allow us to take full advantage of bone availability and ensure precise engagement of the miniscrews in the cortical bone of the palate, the floor of the nose, and if necessary the maxillary sinus.
This presentation will illustrate the advantages of guided miniscrew insertion (MAPA) for the correction of any type of malocclusion and the possibility of planning appliances for the maxillary expansion without using the dental support.
In this way it is possible to avoid possible periodontal damage but at the same time to exploit at best the anchorage areas making the success of the therapy more predictable.
In addition, a new type of palatal expander will be presented that improves the biomechanics of the expansion of narrow palates and overcomes the drawbacks of the activation.
Learning objective
  1. Apply mini-screws in the palate and deliver orthodontic appliances in a single visit
  2. Plan and design an efficient and easy-to-activate palate expander for adults (TSE)