Special Lecture

More than Meets the EYE!... Aligner Evidence through the Clinician's Lens
Nikhilesh R. Vaid

Lecture Description
Aligners play a significant role in current clinical protocols and their use in contemporary practice is only increasing. It is estimated that 30 percent of orthodontic patients globally will be treated by aligners in the next year or so! However, the scholarly evidence based on prospective clinical trials is still scarce, and often confusing for the clinician to make decisions that are applicable in practice. A lot of claims showcased in published case reports and/or manufacturer's learning platforms actually contradict the data reported in independent trials.

This lecture will critically evaluate and discuss aligner science based on …

E- evidence as it exists today!
Y- yearning for clinical applicability! - discuss the missing links.
E- enlist and enumerate challenges and proposed solutions in planning aligner research.

The listener will be able to
  1. understand the nuances of contemporary aligner scholarly literature and its applicability to clinical practice.
  2. differentiate aligner claims that are promotional strategies versus the one that have been tested on the evidence terrain.
  3. understand the missing links in aligner research that can be addressed in future trials.