Symposium - Aligner treatment: Possibilities and Limitations

Is Direct 3D-Printed Clear Aligner a Dream or Reality?
Choon Gwack

Lecture Description
Futurologists predict that 3D printers will completely change manufacturing maps around the world by lowering production costs in the future, and that forecast is now being realized across industries. Now understanding and learning 3D printers is a must, not an option.

3D printers are also being utilized in various fields of dentistry. However, there were only hard and solid prosthodontic materials so far, which made it difficult to actively apply 3D printers in orthodontics. It was hard to find elastic materials that can make orthodontic force for tooth movement.

Finally, a material with elasticity in oral environment has been developed, and a new method of manufacturing clear aligners using 3D printers has been invented. Now we face new challenge with this new material. Now I present the first report of the study on opening a new era of direct 3d printed clear aligners with properties and advantages, comparable to clear aligners made of thermoplastic materials.