Overcoming the Extraction Cases with Invisalign Clear Aligner System
Hyeok Ji

Lecture Description
To achieve successful results with the clear aligner system, the qualified and proven manufacturing system, and the clinician's high level of understanding of the orthodontic mechanism are necessary.

The orthodontist should have in-depth knowledge of the system, the appliance itself, virtual set-up, and the differences between the standard bracket system and the clear aligner system, always based on the fundamental biomechanics by orthodontic force. Otherwise, even using the most advanced and sophisticated system will lead to failing the outcomes.

Especially when the tooth movement is complicated, the treatment plan should be carefully planned in a sophisticated and strategical way while taking advantage of the advanced CAD/CAM technology.

In my presentation, I will show how to manage extraction cases utilizing the Invisalign clear aligner system. I will discuss how to plan a detailed plan with the ClinCheck setup by avoiding unnecessary, unwanted tooth movement and finally what types of problems you can find and most importantly, how to overcome those unexpected situations, which will help to improve your aligner's system experience and the patient's outcome.
Learning objective
  1. the biomechanics of orthodontic force using invisalign clear aligner
  2. strategic digital treatment planning : ClinCheck setup