Ryu's Lecture Award

How Do You Use Light Force in the TAD Era?
Youn-Sic Chun

Lecture Description
With the use of TAD as an rigid orthodontic anchorage, the biomechanics of tooth movement has been simplified, and the complex tooth movement of anterior and posterior teeth has been solved very easily. Nevertheless, brackets are still main appliance for orthodontic treatment, and TAD is used as an auxiliary measure.
This speaker believes that the transparent or clear orthodontic appliance, which was released almost 30 years ago, is now a challenge no longer accept bracket-oriented treatment. Therefore, I would like to introduce various cases that I have experienced in my clinical practice, we hope to enter a new era of light force systems that take full advantage of the TAD and minimize the use of brackets.

Learning objective 1
  1. What clinical case will make it easier to escape bracket-oriented treatment?
Learning objective 2
  1. Introduction of ‘light force-releasing materials’ and related case review with bracket free treatment.